Mobile App Consent

Manage user consent and provide transparency into
third-party technologies to responsibly collect and
share user data on mobile apps

Simplify Mobile App Compliance and Meet Global Regulations

TrustArc Mobile App Consent is designed to manage user consent for mobile apps and provide transparency into the third-party technologies responsible for collecting and sharing user data. Our solution simplifies mobile compliance efforts with the integration of an SDK.

Mobile App Compliance
Know Your App’s Tracking Activity and Collect Valid Consent

In-depth app scanning. Identify and understand the third-parties collecting data from the mobile app.


Comprehensive framework. Supports global privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA.
Simplified development. Simply select Android or iOS and integrate the TrustArc SDK with the mobile app.

Advanced user control. Display the consent notice within the app, enabling end-users to easily adjust and update their preferences.


Customizable preference center. Align the consent notice with your company’s brand identity to deliver a seamless digital experience.


Configurable experience. Collect valid consent and display the relevant consent experience based on the end-user’s location and language settings.




Mobile App Consent

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The Current State of Cookie Consent Compliance and Enforcement Privacy Advisory


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