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Understanding how to navigate the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) that amends CCPA shouldn’t slow you down. TrustArc has both the tools and expert advice to help your organization meet the January 1st, 2023 deadline.

Don’t make it easy for the regulator to bust you.

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Can you manage the new PIA complexities?

The CPRA revision reclassified employee data as Personal Identifiable Information (PII) which impacts Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) and operations.
Unlike EU GDPR, CPRA PIAs must be conducted, updated, and submitted on a regular basis.

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No Opting Out of Opt-Outs

Individual Privacy Rights are now extended to Business-to-Business (B2B) and employees.

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Data inventories are now a requirement

You are most likely sharing your employee and customer data with third-party vendors. If so, you need to review and update service contracts and provide notices to B2B contacts.

CPRA amended CCPA.

Understand how it impacts your organization.

Is CPRA applicable to my organization? What changes should I worry about?
Get the answers to your most critical questions about CPRA in our Flash Guidance.

Strategic CPRA Risk Mitigation
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Inventory Your Employee Data

Inventory Your Employee Data

Data inventory practices have become a requirement, and CPRA’s amendment includes B2B and employee as personal data which adds a whole new level of complexity to your organization’s record of processing activities.

Data Inventory Hub was designed to inventory personal data processing activities, provide visual data flow maps, auto-generate business summaries and store necessary data inventory data all in one place.

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Don’t boil the ocean, prioritize privacy actions based on risk

Risk Profile’s intelligence helps identify high risk processing activities that need organizational attention.

Risk Profile further allows organizations to address both severity and likelihood through an interactive dashboard and can auto-generate a risk summary report that includes areas of concern.

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Risk Profile
New PIA rules

New PIA rules & no grace periods

PIAs now need to be conducted routinely because CPRA voided the 30-day grace period to remedy without penalty.

Assessment Manager was designed to handle these complex workflows and save you time by offering pre-configured PIAs that can be tailored to your specific needs.

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TrustArc’s Privacy experts can get you started!

The continuous changing landscape of CCPA/CPRA requires ongoing resource allocation and prioritization. To jumpstart or accelerate your road to compliance leverage TrustArc’s consultant expertise.


CCPA/CPRA Prep Package

Our senior consultant’s deliver an action plan that indicates your existing CPRA compliance status. Consultant and Customer will further collaborate and define the work/deliverables based on the Non-Compliance Action Plan generated by the TrustArc Platform.

  • We understand your business and existing privacy practices
  • We create a customized action plan
  • We provide an executive overview on key findings and created prioritized action plan
Global Privacy Controls

Advanced customer rights at scale. Global Privacy Controls (GPC) enabled.

Ensure compliance by enabling a consistent and efficient way for consumers to exercise their individual rights. Our consent technology is ready to process prevalent opt-out signals like GPC to ensure compliance across domains and geographies.

Simplify global Cookie compliance with Cookie Consent Manager and engage customers the way they want with Consent & Preference Manager

Cookie Consent Manager    Consent & Preference Manager.

Expand Privacy Rights Management for Employees and B2B

Customers and employees are now granted individual rights under CPRA. Moreover, each must be granted the ability to opt-out of profiling and have the ability to limit the use and disclosure of Sensitive Personal Information (SPI).

Individual Rights Manager allows you to identify rights management, processing, and retention periods all from one unified dashboard.

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Expand Privacy Rights Management

California AG announced its first enforcement actions arising from the California Consumer Privacy Act – marking a new dawn for CCPA compliance.

TrustArc is a trusted, objective third-party to review and assess our compliance with GDPR, CCPA and the EU Cookie Directive.

David Bowden, Vice President – InfoSec, Compliance & Privacy, Zwift, Inc.
Accelerate CCPA Compliance

Accelerate CCPA Compliance

Our team of experts can help you understand where you stand with regard to CCPA compliance and immediate priorities to ensure long-term compliance.