Demonstrating Compliance to Regulators

Part II: From Theory to Practice

This event built on the first Demonstrating Compliance event, hosted by Nymity during the 38th International Privacy Conference in Marrakesh, Morocco.  It is part of a three-year Nymity-funded research project into Demonstrating Compliance to a Rule of Law and into Certification of a Privacy Program.

Attendees will receive copies of the following Nymity Research initiatives:

  1. Demonstrating Compliance to Regulators (Part 2) Paper
  2. Demonstrating Compliance Benchmarking Study
  3. Next Generation PIAs – The Accountability PIA Paper
  4. Call for a New Privacy Principle – “Maximizing Benefits to Individuals”
  5. Nymity Data Processing Benefits Framework

Regulator Projects
With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in mind, Nymity launched its next research projects: Demonstrating Compliance to Regulators, based on a Rule of Law and the possible introduction of a New Certification Mechanism tied to a Rule of Law. The outcomes of this project will be relevant for both organisations and regulators. During the course of these two Regulator Projects we will cooperate with data protection authorities and data controllers in order to test our ideas. The GDPR is the driver for the research and is the main example used throughout the Regulator Projects. As has been the custom for all of Nymity’s previous research, the outcomes of the projects will be jurisdiction-neutral and thus, can be applied around the world.