Tracking The GDPR:

How to Keep Up with National Law Developments


The GDPR has come into force. It allows EU Member States to enact national data protection laws to supplement the GDPR, thereby potentially creating small differences between companies’ obligations in the Member States.  Are you prepared?

Most of the EU Member States will endeavour to wrap up their GDPR accompanying legislation. Nymity tracks this progress on a daily basis and provides updates to its subscribers through the Nymity GDPR Implementation Tracker™. GDPR Implementation Tracker provides the most comprehensive and current GDPR updates available.

During this quarterly webinar, we will provide you with the latest news and main updates, including:

  • Which countries have missed the May 25th deadline, and what are the consequences?
  • Are Member States sticking to the leeway provided for national implementation, or are they going beyond what is allowed (for example the Polish draft law’s exemptions for SMEs)?
  • Which non-EU countries are putting GDPR-like obligations into their laws to obtain or maintain an adequacy decision from the European Commission?
  • What guidance is available from the data protection authorities to help you deal with the national laws accompanying the GDPR?

You will hear it all during this new webinar series. Plus get the most current national implementation information by country from our GDPR Implementation Tracker. As of July 9 2018, there are 14 implementation laws passed by the legislatures in EU member states, 2 in EEA member states, 3 in jurisdictions that have received adequacy status and 17 in the process of being adopted (among EU member states, EEA member states or jurisdictions that have received adequacy).

This webinar is eligible for 1 CPE Credit.




Paul Breitbarth
Director of Strategic Research and Regulator Outreach and former Senior International Officer, Dutch DPA, Nymity, Netherlands 





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