Operationalizing Compliance

with Nymity Benchmarks™ and Nymity Templates™

Learn how to enhance your privacy management using Nymity Benchmarks™ and Nymity Templates™, the ideal solutions to help you:

  1. Baseline your privacy management program
  2. Compare your organization’s privacy management program with others based on region, size, or industry
  3. Understand the gaps and weaknesses in your privacy management program
  4. Embed appropriate privacy management activities to reduce privacy risks and ensure ongoing compliance with minimal resources

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Using a structured approach based on privacy management activities, Nymity Benchmarks enables organizations to baseline and understand the status of their privacy management program. The extracted reports can be used to identify gaps within the program, develop business cases, and analyze and mitigate risk.

Utilizing the same structure, Nymity Templates helps privacy offices embed privacy management throughout the organization to ensure ongoing compliance by providing:

  • 700+ downloadable expert resources
  • Resources to structure and implement 130+ privacy management activities
  • 100+ sample policies and procedures, annotations, checklists, guides, and real-world examples

These resources are ideal for operationalizing ongoing compliance, structuring privacy management practices, embedding accountability into practice, generating evidence for reviews and audits, and managing risk.