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Nymity Addresses European Parliament

The GDPR and Technological Innovation - Interparliamentary Committee Meeting, EU Parliament

Paul BreitbarthDirector of EU Certification Research and Regulator Outreach at Nymity, was invited to address the Interparliamentary Committee Meeting on Data Protection in the European Parliament, uniting Members of that house and representatives of the national parliaments of the 28 EU Member States. The meeting, taking place on the eve of the entry into full force of the GDPR, focused on institutional matters, consequences for the private section (and SMEs in particular), the role of technological innovation and, finally, the police and justice directive. Hear Paul as he talks about our recent innovations for organizations struggling with their processing activities register and data protection impact assessments (DPIAs).

Here’s highlights of what he had to say:

  • GDPR Compliance is not an overnight set of tasks, it needs work and time and hence the grace period was granted.
  • Nymity’s leading research and workflow solutions enable the privacy office to delegate and manage compliance activities without the need for extensive training on the requirements of the law
  • Combination with expert systems equips the privacy office to delegate and direct Data protection compliance programs without the need for extensive training programs on the requirements of the law.
  • The methodologies behind Nymity ExpertPIA™ support ongoing compliance, including an accountability and privacy by design driven way to complete a data protection impact assessment.



Source: LIBE - Committee meeting 2018-05-15 - http://web.ep.streamovations.be/index.php/event/stream/20180515-1430-committee-libe