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GDPR Compliance: How Can Software Solutions Help?

GDPR Compliance Webinar Series 2018

Privacy Offices need to understand how to navigate the different types of privacy compliance software to mitigate risk, build accountability, and achieve ongoing compliance with the GDPR (and the 700+ other regulations).

Webinar Date: March 08, 2018

Time is Running Out for GDPR Readiness and Compliance
Learn how different kinds of privacy compliance software can help you with GDPR compliance. Discover how Nymity’s best in class software solutions can save you significant time in ensuring not only GDPR compliance but enabling a structured privacy management program for the long term.

This webinar is eligible for 1 CPE Credit.

In this Webinar, we will:

  • Help you assess when software would be beneficial and provide a return on investment;
  • Provide example criteria for comparing different software solutions; and
  • Discuss how you might build a business case for software acquisition.

Join us to gain valuable insights into why research-based software is the right tool to ensure GDPR compliance. We will discuss:

Legal Research Software
Understand the ever-changing privacy compliance obligations and expectations around the world.

Privacy Office Support Software
Build/maintain a demonstrably compliant privacy program that results in ongoing compliance.

Privacy Management Software
Automate privacy management activities justified by volumes or complexity.

In the final portion of the webinar, we will showcase the features and benefits of Nymity privacy compliance software in the categories above. We are here to help you assess whether your organisation would benefit from software and which tools will ensure you are GDPR ready and compliant. 



Jodie Carrera

Jodie Carrera
Privacy Office Solutions Advisor

Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis
Senior Privacy Office Solutions Advisor

Andor Bene

Andor Bene
Privacy Solutions Advisor