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Are you ready to report on GDPR compliance?

Learn about GDPR Regulator Ready Reporting

The GDPR has come into force. Organizations must be able to provide reports on specific GDPR compliance matters (e.g. Article 30 records of processing and Article 35 DPIAs, when applicable) and to demonstrate overall GDPR compliance (accountability) (Article 5 and 24). In this webinar learn about GDPR Regulator Ready Reporting that demonstrates GDPR compliance and accountability.

Demonstrating compliance to regulators is an important pillar of the GDPR and organisations need to be ready to report on this compliance and be able to provide on request explanations. GDPR Regulator Ready reporting means you have the capacity to efficiently generate reports that clearly tell a story reflecting your organization’s GDPR compliance and accountability. Accountability is the cornerstone of Regulator Ready reporting. This includes reports on minimum compliance requirements like an Article 30 records of processing report and Article 35 data protection impact assessments as well as beneficial reports that show further evidence of your accountability (eg. enterprise and project level Privacy and Data Protection by Design).

In this Webinar, you will learn:

  • What are the minimum compliance requirements that a regulator will want to see if/when they come knocking on your door
  • From an accountability standpoint, beyond minimum compliance requirements, what else will be beneficial to report on to a regulator

In the final portion of the webinar, we will be showcasing the features and benefits of Nymity’s automated reporting tools that allow you to leverage your existing policies, procedures and other accountability mechanisms and save resources by combining DPIAs and Records of Processing Activities requirements (Nymity ExpertPIA™ and Nymity ExpertMapping™and reports that show evidence of privacy by design throughout your operations. Find out how they can help privacy offices with GDPR compliance.