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Less than a year until GDPR Compliance - Trends and Analysis from Real-world Activity

GDPR Compliance Webinar Series 2017

Nymity has conducted extensive empirical research with organizations that are taking an accountability approach to GDPR compliance. Learn what organisations have implemented and what is planned for GDPR compliance. Gain a more granular understanding of what policies, procedures and other accountability mechanisms are being implemented to comply with the GDPR. Learn how organisations are repurposing existing policies, procedures, codes of conduct and other accountability mechanisms that have been in place to govern the business, and how they turn them into GDPR accountability mechanisms.

You will learn:

  1. Organisational priorities for GDPR compliance
  2. How different sizes of organisations and different industries compare in the GDPR compliance efforts
  3. How Nymity Templates™ can help you operationalise ongoing compliance with over 900 practical resources that can help generate evidence for reviews and audits



Teresa Troester-Falk
Nymity Chief Global Privacy Strategist and former Associate General Counsel (Privacy), Information Services

Constantine Karbaliotis
Vice President, Solutions Partnerships and former Global Chief Privacy Officer, HR/Health/Tech

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