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Demonstrating Compliance to Regulators

GDPR Compliance Webinar Series 2017

What does it mean to demonstrate compliance under the GDPR? What kind of documentation is expected from an organisation to show that they meet their legal requirements? Nymity is midway through a 3-year project on demonstrating compliance to regulators to help provide more clarity on this issue, as published in a recent paper Demonstrating Compliance to Regulators. In a series of workshops with companies and data protection authorities and several conference sessions, we discuss a structured approach to ensure your documentation is in order, should you be subject to an audit, investigation or inspection. In addition, we provide you with an up-to-date overview of the developments regarding certification of data protection compliance. Can this new option provided by the GDPR become a success, and if so, under what conditions?

During this webinar, you will hear about our learnings to date, as well as about the questions that are still up for discussion.



Paul Breitbarth
Nymity Director of EU Certification Research and Senior Solutions Advisor and former Senior International Officer, Dutch DPA

David Smith
Nymity EU Research Advisor and former Deputy Commissioner and Director of Data Protection Information Commissioners Office, UK

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