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Consent and the GDPR

GDPR Compliance Webinar Series 2017

Consent is one of the legal grounds for processing personal data under the GDPR. This webinar will address transparency and consent for the use of digital tracking and profiling technologies as well as how to effectively manage and demonstrate compliance with consent requirements for your organisation-wide personal data processing. Two expert organisations that support the Privacy Office/DPO managing consent will speak to:

Digital Technologies Consent Management
Evidon will address transparency and consent requirements under the GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation for your digital properties. Then, Evidon with introduce a powerful solution to unify GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation compliance through an easy to deploy solution.

Demonstrable Compliance of GDPR Consent Requirements
Nymity will speak on how to manage and demonstrate compliance with the GDPR consent requirements through an Accountability Mechanism Catalogue™ mapped to data processing. GDPR requires appropriate polices, procedures and other accountability mechanisms and they must address consent. Nymity will show how to apply the appropriate accountability mechanism to data processing in a manner that provides manageability, oversight and demonstrable compliant processing.

This webinar will also cover:

Digital Technologies Consent Management - Getting Started
Learn how you can conduct a GDPR online consent readiness assessment which includes the identification of profiling or tracking on your digital properties, assessment of privacy risks in your Digital Marketing Supply Chain and comprehensive data governance reporting.

Demonstrable Compliance - Getting Started
Learn how to build your own Accountability Mechanism Catalogue™ by working with each of the business units that are processing personal data to identify the key processing that use consent. Identify polices, procedures and other accountability mechanisms using the free GDPR Accountability Handbook. Once identified, update the policies and the practices that they govern for GDPR compliance. Where appropriate, add additional accountability mechanism to mitigate the risk, also mandated in GDPR.



Paul Breitbarth
Nymity Director of EU Certification Research and Senior Solutions Advisor and former Senior International Officer, Dutch DPA

Todd Ruback
Chief Privacy Officer & VP of Legal, Evidon

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