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The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into force and demonstrating compliance is an important pillar of the GDPR. Organizations need to be ready to report on this compliance and be able to provide on request explanations. The GDPR requires documentation in key areas including Article 30 records of processing and Article 35 DPIAs, when applicable) and Articles 5 and 24 (demonstrate overall GDPR compliance and accountability).

Nymity’s PIA & DPIA and Data Transfer Risk Mapping Solutions enables fast and accurate data mapping that it correlates 100% to GDPR regulatory reporting requirements. Request a demo today to see Nymity’s Regulator Ready Reporting in action.

reporting-on-gdpr-compliance-an-accountability-approach-to-gdpr-regulator-ready-reportingTo understand more about the approach, read Nymity’s recent release Reporting on GDPR Compliance - An Accountability Approach to GDPR Regulator Ready Reporting.

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