GDPR Regulator Ready in 30 Days

GDPR Regulator Ready

GDPR is now upon us.  Are you ready to provide regulator reporting to demonstrate compliance?  Still not quite there?  Nymity can get you Regulator Ready with on demand Article 30 records of processing reports for your organization within 30 days, based on our Regulator Ready Success Type A implementation.  Additional reporting such as reporting on Legitimate Interests, Privacy by Design, Article 35 Data Protection Impact Assessments and other regulatory reporting could require additional time. If urgent, and in certain circumstances, Nymity can have the organization Regulator Ready in 3-5 days.


Based on our research and expertise, we have developed an approach enabling any organization to quickly structure their records of processing inventories using Nymity ExpertPIA™ for the EU countries they operate in.   The expert system within Nymity ExpertPIA™ enables the fast and accurate inventorying of these records for GDPR Article 30 even in very complex organizational structures.

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