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Breach Toolkit™

Everything You Need to Know to Manage a Data Breach

When a breach occurs, you need to act quickly. The GDPR gives you only 72 hours to notify the supervisory authority, and you may also need to inform data subjects. This is why you need to have your breach response processes already in place – in addition to your ongoing risk mitigation activities.

Nymity is a global leader in breach compliance research.  Nymity's popular Breach Toolkit is easy to use and offers the resources, information, and guidance you need to mitigate GDPR privacy breach risk and handle next steps effectively. It also delivers a detailed analysis of compliance obligations arising from a breach event to assist you in determining what actions need to be taken in response to a breach, including if, and to whom, notification must be provided.

With Nymity’s Breach Toolkit, you can:

  • Prepare before a breach occurs
  • Take steps to respond swiftly, decisively, and legally to a breach
  • Review and manage a breach after the incident

The Toolkit includes resources that address data security measures, incident response planning, data breach laws, data breach notifications, and common pitfalls in data breach response management.

The Nymity Breach Toolkit enables you to:

  1. Manage breach compliance
  2. Access breach response compliance maps and charts for multiple jurisdictions (USA, Asia, Europe, Latin America)
  3. Research relevant breach response laws
  4. Access comprehensive Breach Response Centres for the US and Europe
  5. Obtain detailed analysis of legal obligations to assist in determining appropriate breach response actions

To review the functionality and benefits of Nymity’s Breach Toolkit, request a demo today!