2018 Privacy Compliance Software
Buyer's Guide - GDPR Edition

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Privacy Software

What’s Inside The Buyer’s Guide? - GDPR Edition

Gain valuable insights into the best research-based software to ensure compliance with the GDPR and the world’s regulations. We cover:

Legal Research Software - Understand the ever-changing privacy compliance obligations and expectations.

Privacy Office Support Software - Build/maintain a demonstrably compliant privacy program that results in ongoing GDPR compliance.

Privacy Management Software - Automate privacy management activities justified by volumes or complexity.


Our Guide Will Help You:buyers-guide-gdpr-edition-icon.jpg

  • Assess whether software would benefit your Privacy Office;
  • Compare your different software options; and
  • Build a business case for software acquisition.

Discover how Nymity’s software solutions, powered by expert research, can enable a structured privacy management program to satisfy all global regulations.